About Me
My name is R.Aj Nukiandari Parveritasari , but you may call me Nuki. I am now currently working at a amazing PreSchool named Mindchamps , previously I was working at a fantastic school which is High Scope Indonesia.
I have 3 wonderful daughters and a amazing husband.
Become a preschool teacher is like a dream come true for me. When i was a kid i always wondering how can be a person like teacher knows everything so they can easily answer anything that their students ask to them. at that moment i really want to be a teacher, good teacher.
Until the opportunity came to me. High Scope Indonesia hired me as a preschool teacher. awesome...
i learn many things from this great institution i'm not only learn how to be a good preschool teacher but also how to become a good leader.
to improve my self then i decided to move to other institution, its MindChamps Preschool Indonesia.
This faboulous institution give me a lot of opportunities to learn more about how to become a champion leader with fantastic mindset.
i feel very lucky because i can working in educational instution and dealing with kids. i love them very much, for me they are fantastic. everyday they always bring some surprises and i always wondering what are surprises they are going to share today?
i will keep educate them because i want them to become the great leaders later on.